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Impact99 is a revolutionary movement in Canada with a bold vision, which is to be the catalyst that drives Human Resources in Canada to embrace and integrate social technology into the workplace, creating higher engagement and stronger business performance. Just imagine the impact of bringing together 99 outstanding business and HR leaders, thinkers and innovators under one roof for a full day to completely immerse themselves in social and experiential learning, collaborative networking, access to the top social thought-leaders, and the most current and effective social technologies.

10 Reasons You MUST Watch the Impact99 Recordings

  1. UNDERSTAND: Understand why HR needs a social media strategy as much as the Marketing Department and how HR can help organizations BECOME more social
  2. EXPERTISE: Learn from over a dozen of Canada’s leading social media experts
  3. STRATEGY: Learn why HR needs to integrate social tools into every phase of the Employee Life Cycle and how they can do it
  4. THE BASICS: Hear from HR leaders and Business Leaders about Social Media Basics for the HR leader: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Recruiting platforms, SEO, Blogs.
  5. STAND OUT: Learn how to stand out as a top employer & effectively use social media in the workplace to both attract and retain top talent.
  6. CULTURE: Help your organizational culture come to life with new digital platforms.
  7. RECRUITING: Discover how to find staff in a digital, social media world. Break free of traditional ways of finding and retaining talent. Find the best candidates (and have them find you) using social media.
  8. RETENTION: Discover new ways to retain staff and apply social media to every level of the organization, to enhance connection, collaboration and innovation
  9. STORIES: Listen to wins and misses from real organizations on their social HR journeys: Why there is only one way forward.
  10. YOU! – the world needs more HR Trailblazers. This was more than just a conference. It was also a way for leaders just like you to come together, share their experiences, meet the experts and network—all in an inspired venue! These two conferences were the start of a movement to help create more connected, engaged workplaces leveraging tools and technology together with principles of exceptional HR.
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  • You just heard about Impact99 and want to know what it’s about
  • You are an innovative HR leader who is looking to better understand how to leverage social media and technology into your role

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  • Impact99 Toronto Panel of Experts on The NEW HR
  • Impact99 Squamish Panel of Experts on The NEW HR
  • Chuck Hamilton’s Closing Keynote from the Impact99 Event in Squamish
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The Keynote Speakers

Shane Gibson is an international speaker and author of Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside Down, Closing Bigger the Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals and his new book called Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson; he is also the President of Socialized.

Chuck Hamilton is the Social Solutions Leader in IBM’s Center For Advanced Learning Solutions. Prior to this post, Chuck was the Virtual Learning and New Media Lead for IBM’s 3D Internet EBO and leader of a program called IBM@PLAY.

Sidneyeve Matrix published author, professional blogger, and regular digital trends analyst for national media outlets. She is Principal at MatrixMediaFX is an Associate Editor (social media) of The Journal of Professional Communications, and sits on Marketing magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board. She is recognized as one of the Top Marketing Professors on Twitter.

Christine McLeod, Co-Founder of Impact99, Founder of Impact People Practices and sought after Renegade HR executive. When Christine isn’t speaking or consulting on innovative HR, she is writing (recently released E-book the HR TRailblazer), blogging or helping to reinvent HOW organizations and HR connect and engage their employees.

The Panelists

Squamish Panel:
Kemp Edmonds, Enterprise Trainer at Hootsuite
Glenn Hilton, CEO at ImageX Media
Joseph Fung, CEO at TribeHR
Meena Sandhu, Regional Marketing Manager at ING Direct
Teri Conrad, Senior Social Media Strategist and Coach

Toronto Panel:
Erin Bury, Director Content and Communications at Sprouter.com
Nick Stein, Director of Content and Media at Rypple
Jennifer Ricci, VP Employee Experience at Kobo Inc
Lauren Friese, Founder at TalentEgg
Marianne Crann, Director Talent Acquisition at Rogers Communications Inc

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